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27/10/2016 - 04/02/2017
The exhibition gathers together the works of the artist Albert Oehlen and six young artists, of his former students: Peppi Bottrop, Andreas Breunig, Max Frintrop, Fabian Ginsberg, Yuji Nagai, and David Ostrowski. It is curated by Francesco Stocchi with Albert Oehlen himself.

By presenting around 24 works, this exhibition intends to explore the distinguishing features of this German artist’s influence, overlapping it with the works of his former students.

The show is an overview exclusively devoted to painting, unfolding almost like the story of an intense creative exchange born at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, where the artist taught from 2000 to 2009. Oehlen has followed his students over the years, even beyond his role as their professor. He has continued to support them in their growth as artists and has befriended them even after their art academy days.

Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm
closed on Monday

free entry, no reservation needed



Fondazione Carriero

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Fondazione Carriero

La Fondazione Carriero è un’organizzazione non profit che promuove la divulgazione e la valorizzazione dell’arte e della cultura moderna e contemporanea attraverso mostre e attività che coinvolgono i più affermati e innovativi artisti nazionali e internazionali. Un’istituzione privata, dedicata alla ricerca e alla conoscenza delle opere intellettuali in ogni forma di espressione, ma anche committente per la creazione di nuove opere.

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