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Fondazione Carriero

via Cino del Duca, 4 – 20122 Milano
Fondazione Carriero Kids is the project dedicated to young visitors, aiming to introduce the audience of tomorrow to contemporary art in a fun and stimulating way, nurturing children's curiosity through a dialogue with the artwork and encouraging them to learn how to ask questions about what we see every day, which often escapes our attention.

Through specially designed workshops led by a team of specialized cultural mediators, younger visitors can not only experience the exhibited works during dedicated sessions but also engage in a comparison between their natural creative spirit and the analogous processes that have led great artists to become such.

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Lygia Pape

Fondazione Carriero
From 28 March to 21 July 2019, Fondazione Carriero presents Lygia Pape, curated by Francesco Stocchi, the first solo exhibition ever held in an Italian institution on one of the leading figures of Neoconcretism in Brazil, organized in close collaboration with Estate Projeto Lygia Pape.

Fifteen years after the death of Lygia Pape (Rio de Janeiro, 1927-2004), Fondazione Carriero sets out to narrate and explore the career of the Brazilian artist, emphasizing her eclectic, versatile approach. Across a career span of 45 years, Pape came to grips with multiple languages, absorbing the lessons of European modernism and blending them with the cultural tenets of her country, generating a very personal synthesis of artistic practices.
03/28/19 - 07/21/19

Giulio Paolini
del Bello ideale

Fondazione Carriero
Fondazione Carriero presents "Giulio Paolini. del Bello ideale", curated by Francesco Stocchi, an exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest representatives of conceptual art, with interventions by the stage designer Margherita Palli, organized in close collaboration with the artist.

Through an impressive selection of works, chosen and installed with the Turin-based artist, Del bello ideale covers his entire career of fifty-seven years, displaying masterpieces, some of his famous self-portraits, and three new site-specific works.
10/26/18 - 02/10/19

Sol LeWitt
Between the Lines

Fondazione Carriero
Fondazione Carriero is pleased to present Sol LeWitt. Between the Lines, an exhibition curated by Francesco Stocchi and Rem Koolhaas - as a curator, for the first time ever - and organized in close partnership with the Estate of Sol LeWitt.
One decade after the death of Sol LeWitt (Hartford, 1928 – New York, 2007), "Between the Lines" aims to offer a new perspective on the American artist’s practice. With a considerable body of work spanning his entire career – from 7 famous Wall Drawings to 15 sculptures – and starting from the peculiarities of the rooms at the Foundation, the exhibition explores the relationship between LeWitt’s work and architecture.
11/17/17 - 06/24/18

Pascali Sciamano

Fondazione Carriero
The exhibition, aims to present the work of Pino Pascali (Bari, 1935 – Rome, 1968) in dialogue with what is commonly called “tribal art.” It allows visitors to explore the artist’s creative approach through his bond with African culture, beginning from his interest in primitivism as opposed to the myths of modern society and attention to totemism, the phenomena of animal/individual, and the animistic notion of nature. "Pascali sciamano" is a surprising exploration through the career of Pascali between 1966 and 1968 that will allow visitors to discover less known works, some of which have never been shown previously.
03/24/17 - 06/24/17


Fondazione Carriero
The exhibition gathers together the works of the artist Albert Oehlen and six young artists, of his former students: Peppi Bottrop, Andreas Breunig, Max Frintrop, Fabian Ginsberg, Yuji Nagai, and David Ostrowski. It is curated by Francesco Stocchi with Albert Oehlen himself.
By presenting around 24 works, the show is an overview exclusively devoted to painting, unfolding almost like the story of an intense creative exchange born at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, where Albert Oehlen taught from 2000 to 2009.
10/27/16 - 02/04/17

Fontana · Leoncillo

Fondazione Carriero
Leoncillo and Lucio Fontana are invited to participate in the XXVII Venice Biennale (1954), each with his own room. The colored levels expand across the space, enlivening the matter with an inspiration that foreshadows the informal slant and in-depth research of substance in subsequent years. Roberto Longhi presents twenty-two sculptures reminiscent of cubism by Leoncillo, while Giampiero Giani introduces the Sculture spaziali by Fontana, who exhibits not only the “holes” but also some works from the 1930s and 1940s.
04/06/16 - 09/07/16


Fondazione Carriero
Objects do not exist due to their physical presence, but thanks to what we see.
imaginarii, the inaugural exhibition at the Fondazione Carriero, analyzes the contemporary notion
of space and its experience.
Three artists—Gianni Colombo, Giorgio Griffa,
 Davide Balula — are compared in a trialogue, which, in itself, is inaccessible, if not through direct experience of physical space. If the object and its image are finite, our experience of these is infinite and difficult to enjoy through reproduction techniques. The show investigates this spatial dimension.
09/16/15 - 02/20/16

La fondazione
The Carriero Foundation opens to the public the premises of Casa Parravicini, one of the oldest residential buildings in Milan, in order to provide the city with a new exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art.

Established in 2015 on Via Cino del Duca, in the heart of the city, it stems from the founder Giorgio Carriero's passion for art and his desire to share it, with the goal of stimulating research and the promotion of contemporary arts. It acts as a cultural hub, collaborating with both established and emerging artists, supporting the commissioning of new works alongside a precise research on modern masters. With an eye on the names from the best historical tradition it combines rediscovery and experimentation.

As a non-profit organization, in addition to making its spaces accessible to all, the Carriero Foundation offers free guided tours and workshops for children. The exhibition proposal is also accompanied by in-depth activities and publications, which include exhibition catalogs, reprints of historical editions, and collections of archival materials.

An expression of a specific "Milanese" identity that historically has a strong connection between private collecting and the principles of patronage and social responsibility, the Carriero Foundation aims to create a new entity that is not only an excellent interlocutor for art enthusiasts but also a meeting point between historical context and contemporaneity, in a dimension reminiscent of a private residence that opens up to a dialogue between the public and art.
Fondazione Carriero

via Cino del Duca, 4 – 20122 Milano


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Fondazione Carriero

La Fondazione Carriero è un’organizzazione non profit che promuove la divulgazione e la valorizzazione dell’arte e della cultura moderna e contemporanea attraverso mostre e attività che coinvolgono i più affermati e innovativi artisti nazionali e internazionali. Un’istituzione privata, dedicata alla ricerca e alla conoscenza delle opere intellettuali in ogni forma di espressione, ma anche committente per la creazione di nuove opere.

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